We are a small team with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to swimrunning with you.

Vini V.

Swimrun Leader

Vini started swimrunning in 2019, stepping in to do Breca Gower only three weeks before the race as someone was injured and couldn’t race. He’s the driving force behind the club, wanting to get as many people involved in the sport as he can. Fun fact, he literally appears to know everyone when you run along the prom with him.

Sarah King

Editor Chief
Environmental Officer
Swimrun Leader

Sarah started swimrunning in 2018, and she went big, racing the long course at Breca Gower and finishing as part of the 2nd women’s team. Swimrunner, triathlete, Ironman, or perhaps the best way to describe her: tough ginger.

She is also a writer and “chief editor”. You can find some of her stories in the Race Reports section.

Kaylee H.

Website Designer

Kaylee started swimrunning with us in 2020. When not out swimming, biking or running, she likes to design websites. Kaylee built this website to showcase all that Söuthsea Swimrun has to offer!

Söuthsea Swimrun Leaders

Swimrun is not just about swimming and running, we also have awesome volunteers that help us keep moving forward. A few members have decided to help the club by becoming leaders. Leaders are your point of contact during sessions, and their role is to make sure everyone is having a great time in safe conditions.

Axie & Rupert

Swimrun Leaders

Swimrunning since 2014, even before the club was born. Definitely pioneers among us. Axie calls herself Captain Slow, showing others that it doesn’t matter how fast/slow you are, you can still join us.

Rupert is at the other end of the spectrum and between us, let’s call him First Officer Fast (FOF).

Adrian F.

Swimrun Leader

Triathlete and Octopush player, Adrian started swimrunning in 2020 after listening to a podcast. From 0 to 100, Adrian joined us and has quickly progressed in the sport, finishing 2nd solo male at his first swimrun event.

You can find out more about him and his first race in his race report HERE.

Chris S.

Swimrun Leader

Chris is our most dedicated leader, taking our members to the next level on running through his Wednesday session. A mix of interval training, perfect to bump your fitness at the top end. Join Chris and others by the D-Day museum. Nevertheless he is very keen to add a swim/dip in the sea after the session. You can also spot him in the sea at crazy hours (night) or when battling the big waves.