Söuthsea Swimrun Met the Löw Tide Böyz

Söuthsea Swimrun had the absolute honour of being interviewed by Californian swimrun royalty, the Löw Tide Böyz on the Thursday April 22 edition of their excellent podcast.

Vini and Sarah talked to Chipper and Chris about all things Söuthsea Swimrun: how they got into the sport, how Vini came to set up the club, and how they want to help promote the sport in the UK by building a community and encouraging everyone to give it a go.

Based in Northern California, Chipper and Chris, a couple of adventure-seeking endurance athletes, found themselves hooked on swimrun pretty quickly. They started the Löw Tide Böyz podcast, alongside a very entertaining swimrun-based meme Instagram account, in 2019 in order “to help grow the sport of Swimrun in the United States while striving to make it as accessible, inclusive, and diverse as possible in the process.” We think they are doing an awesome job.

They have tonnes of excellent swimrun content, so give them a listen, if you don’t already: https://lowtideboyz.com/

And follow them on Instagram where you’ll learn why you should definitely get yourself a “mondo euro pull buoy.”

And make sure you listen to the Söuthsea Swimrun interview.

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