Wetsuit Review

dhb Aeron SwimRun Wetsuit 2.0

My goal is to give you an idea of what this wetsuit provides and also a good insight into what you should be looking for in any swimrun wetsuit. If you are in a hurry, ready to buy this wetsuit, let me cut this short, my sincere opinion on the suit is that it is:

Comfortable, stretchy and buoyant. All qualities that you need in a swimrun wetsuit.

In the last few months I have had the opportunity to test extensively the dhb Aeron Swimrun Wetsuit 2.0, that includes both summer and winter (December) activities, giving me a good understanding of the qualities of this black and blue superhero suit. – Those that know me, know that I like to say that we look like superheroes wearing our all-black neoprene suits.

Now, if you have a little bit more time let me share more details:

  • Material: This wetsuit has two main materials, which is what makes it really good. The upper body is all sleek, making you slide through the water without resistance, and stretchy enough to not feel restrictive in your shoulders. But another really good aspect is the bottom part being made of a rough neoprene, which helps with durability. – I have another wetsuit that started to rip apart on the legs due to some chaffing, and I wasn’t the only one to report that issue.but the dhb had got that covered.
  • Pockets: Located in the back you have a very big pocket, great to store your hat, goggles, or nutrition, or anything else you might need. The second pocket is internal, on the front side, to keep your whistle in – mandatory kit for most swimrun races – A disappointing fact is that while most suits provide you with a whistle, one is not included with this model. However, you can always buy one.
  • Thicker Neoprene Thighs: Yes, that’s right! If you haven’t been doing your squats lately, it doesn’t matter, you will look like one of those burly rugby players. Nah! I am kidding. The thicker neoprene is really good to keep your lower body streamlined in the water. We all have pull buoys to do that, but if you have a good buoyant pair of trainers, and are going for a leisure swimrun with friends, you will be pleased to know that you can go pull buoy free. I personally would do a race without the pull buoy or hand paddles, but everyone is different. But having some extra buoyancy is never too much.
  • Short Sleeves / Long Sleeve: This wetsuit comes with detachable long sleeves made with the same sleek neoprene. You have the option to wear them when the water gets colder and there is no need to cut them off yourself like with some other models.

Overall, this is a great suit. I have been doing some Swimrun+Parkrun in it, and it is great. Sometimes I leave all the extra gear at home, and bring only swim hat and goggles, for a more “au naturale” swimrun, without losing any extra warmth or buoyancy. You won’t have that feeling of very light weight neoprene on your legs like with some other suits, particularly the Ark suits, because of having the thicker neoprene, but it doesn’t feel that different from the other swimrun wetsuit brands and doesn’t get in the way. Being stretchy on the shoulders allows for a good swim stroke and makes it easy to “cab down”. The size chart is very accurate; I am not very tall or large, 170cm/75Kg and I tested size medium. I also tried the medium broad but it was a little bit too baggy for me. For it to be the perfect suit though, I wish I could make the legs a bit shorter. Still I’m not sure if I could just cut it myself as this model has a lot of visible seam, and it might ruin it. And I also miss having a small pocket in the front on the outside to keep my ear plugs in, like the Zone3 Evolution has.

You get all of the above for a great price. It is an entry level price wetsuit, with all qualities of a top range suit.

If you are craving more technical or official information, please check dhb’s description below:

I hope that you enjoyed reading the review and you feel more confident about this swimrun wetsuit. A bit of extra background info: I have had the opportunity to swimrun in quite a few (but not all) brands so far, such as Ark, Orca, and Zone3. As soon as I can get my hands on more kit I will be posting more reviews here. Thank you for your support. Feel free to contact me over our social media.

You can buy or find out more about this wetsuit directly on Wiggle website : LINK
(no worries, I am not getting commission from it)

11th December 2021
Vini V.