The Big Battle

Join Söuthsea Swimrun this June as we battle against swimrun teams from all over the world to complete the most swimrun distance over the month.  

How do I join team Söuthsea Swimrun in the battle

  1. Join Söuthsea Swimrun club. You’ll also gain access to some awesome race discounts, so it’s well worth the £25 membership fee:
  2. Register as part of team Söuthsea Swimrun:
  3. Enter the event (same link). It only costs 100 kroner, less than a tenner, so it’s well worth it for all the swimrun fun you’re going to have. At the same time you get to do some good, as a portion of each entry goes to Sea Shepherd, helping to support their fight to protect the oceans.
  4. Swimrun as much as you can in June.
  5. Be proud of being a part of a great team of swimrunners.

What counts as a swimrun? 
An activity counts as a swimrun if it consists of at least two runs and two swims. Minimum 15 min duration or 2 km of distance. 

Is there a limit to my swimrun madness?
You are limited to a maximum of two activities per day, but it’s up to you how long they are ;-). The rules can be found on the Team Envol website.

How do I track my activity? 
Register your swimrun every time you complete one and include a link to the activity from your Strava, Garmin, Polar, Suunto account. Here’s a handy video from Team Envol about how we do this:

So, do I just swimrun as much as possible, or will there be specific tasks throughout the month?
There will be a series of mini challenges you can take part in over the month. More info will follow, but they might include re-creating the distances of specific races from around the world (very much like Vini’s unofficial Ötillö events from last year). Other challenges will include:

  • longest swimrun of the week
  • most activities during the week
  • best photos
  • best battle gear
  • most rubbish picked
  • best swimrun streaker (unless something has been lost in translation here, it’s a good job we’ve got a nudie beach, eek!)

I’m also thinking about attempting a long swimrun on the longest day if anyone’s keen to join in on June 21.

But what if I don’t have a GPS watch?
The aim is to get as many people out there swimrunning as possible, so don’t worry, if you don’t have a GPS watch you can:

  • Swimrun with a friend who does! Just attach the link to her/his activity instead.
  • Check the distance on Google Maps. We’ll also include some standard distances on the website before the event, so it’ll be easy for you to track yourselves.
  • Send a photo of yourself in swimrun gear, before or after.       

How can I make sure everyone knows about my swimrunning exploits?
Post about your activities on social media (Facebook; Instagram): use the hashtags #THEBIGBATTLE and #SWIMRUN and tag @envolswimrun and @southsea.swimrun. Post on the Söuthsea Swimrun Group Facebook page to inspire your team mates.  

Add #SeaShepherd where appropriate.

The main thing is to have fun and support your team, and to tell everyone about it.

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